Namandje’s name dragged into SPYL frictions


WINDHOEK – Prominent lawyer Sisa Namandje’s name has been dragged into a new tussle within the Swapo party Youth League (SPYL) following the fall-out from the elective congress of the Namibia National Students Organisation days ago.

Yesterday, in a shocking turn of events, Namandje was accused of being “the prominent black lawyer behind and supporting Job Amupanda[‘s Affirmative Repositioning],” the land movement which some SPYL leaders accuse of being a harbinger of a new political party to be formed within the next year.

Namandje yesterday rubbished the talks linking his name to politics as “complete rubbish and idiotic”. He said perhaps the reference is coming from him attending the launch of Amupanda’s book, ‘Truth is Truth’, as a guest speaker. He said he has known Amupanda since when a student at the University of Namibia, and has supported Amupanda’s book collection to Uukule Senior Secondary School by donating books worth N$7 500.

Namandje completed Grade 12 at Uukule Senior Secondary School. “That is my school, I was there [last] Friday for an award ceremony,” he said.

“How did I back them if I may ask, your sources must present concrete facts instead of going around defaming others. They know what I do for the party. I am not a politician, but I assist the party in many respects. When they [politicians] are assassinating one another they must keep us out of it because for too long people’s characters have been defamed for nothing,” Namandje said.

Amupanda was yesterday at pains to explain that the new rumour about a political party is merely another lie at work. “That is lie number five formed against Affirmative Repositioning that will fail like others,” he said, adding: “Lie one was that we are against the incoming government president, it failed. Lie two was that what we are doing is illegal, they failed. Lie three was that someone is behind us, they failed. Lie four was that we want to disturb peace, they failed.”

The NYC executive brought information about Affirmative Repositioning being a forerunner to a political party to New Era last week. They said land activism activities are a smokescreen leading up to the grand plan of the movement targeting seats on strategic local authorities such as Windhoek, Walvis Bay, Oshakati, Rundu and Okahandja.

New Era talked to more than four leaders in the National Youth Council and in the SPYL, in a bid to independently verify the validity of information obtained.

Swapo’s information and mobilisation officer for the Khomas Region, Sacky Shanghala, yesterday told New Era that he is convinced that it is just a matter of time before the Affirmative Repositioning movement is registered as a political party.

“All along we have known that it is their plan to register their party although they will deny it right now. When CoD [Congress of Democrats] came, it came as ‘Forum for the Future’ and then later it was a political party. RDP started off the same way,” said Shanghala.

“I am very close to Sackey [Shanghala] just like I am close to Job [Amupanda]. There is a campaign somewhere but they should not get our names in the mud. Job is a comrade and member of Swapo, he was doing a campaign for my school where I matriculated, how can I not support buying books for [the school],” said Namandje. NYC’s executive chairman, Mandela Kapere, did not respond to phone calls and SMSes left on his phone.

“Affirmative Repositioning is a political vehicle that will contest in the upcoming elections and they have decided to use the land issue as their starting point to win support because they are aware that land is an issue that is close to people’s hearts. The vast majority of our people are being misled to think that the movement is all about land but in the long run they will see the bigger picture,” said one NYC executive.
SPYL Veikko Nekundi only said: “My brother, I only heard rumours about that.”


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