NFCPT encourages elderly to eat fish


LÜDERITZ – As part of fulfilling its mandate to promote the consumption of fish throughout the country, the Namibia Fish Consumption Promotion Trust (NFCPT) last Saturday reached out to senior citizens of Lüderitz by hosting a fun day with the aim to promote fish consumption among all elders.

The NFCPT event was also intended to encourage senior citizens to make fish a part of their daily diets.
Apart from serving 300 cooked meals with fish as the main ingredient, the NFCPT also donated 300 blankets, food hampers consisting of sugar, coffee and tea and NFCPT promotional materials.

Katrina Sikeni, the chairperson of the NFCPT board of directors, said NFCPT has recognised the contribution made by the senior citizens to the development of the local fishing industry and other notable growths in Lüderitz.

She announced NFCPT’s plans to expand its shop footprint to Lüderitz as well as Omuthiya in the near future, adding that the fish consumption promotion trust would soon announce timelines for the construction of the new fish shop here.

Since its inception in 2001, NFCPT has established 14 fish shops in all regions in the country. The planned Lüderitz outlet would further demonstrate NFCPT efforts to make fish accessible to Namibia, thereby also reflecting the efforts of government, and its line ministry in particular, towards achieving food security in the country, said NFCPT.


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