Learner driver’s tips: General duties for riding a motorcycle


There are about 11 general duties expected to be obeyed by every motorcycle rider while riding a motorcycle on the public road.

You must ensure that the headlamp is switched on at all times

You may not ride a motorcycle on a road unless your feet are resting on the front foot-rests and you are seated straight up on the saddle

You may not carry a passenger on a motorcycle on a road 
unless it has an engine with a cylinder capacity exceeding 50 cm3 and unless the passenger is seated in a side-car or straight up on a pillion attached to the motorcycle. The feet of the passenger must be resting on foot-rests

Not more than 2 persons may ride on a motorcycle without a side-car. Not more than 2 adult persons may be carried in a side-car

No person, animal or object may be carried in front of the 

Persons must ride motorcycles in a single file

Two or more persons riding motorcycles may not overtake 
another vehicle at the same time

If you are riding a motorcycle on a road or seated on a 
motorcycle, you may not take hold of any other vehicle in 

If you are riding a motorcycle on a road, you must do so with at least one hand on the handlebar

If you are riding a motorcycle on a road, you must do so in such manner that all the wheels of the motorcycle are in contact with the surface of the road at all times.


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