Suspected girlfriend killer to testify in own defense


WINDHOEK – A man who confessed killing his pregnant girlfriend, albeit out of self-defense, is expected to take the stand in his trial on March 2.

This came after the State closed its case last week.

Judge Christi Miller ruled statements Jacob Khoikhoi made to the police and a magistrate, who took down his plea in the magistrate’s court, admissible as evidence in the trial in which he is accused of stabbing his 10-12 weeks pregnant girlfriend to death on a resettlement farm in the Omaheke District.

The statements were disputed by Khoikhoi, who claimed that he did not understand what was happening as nothing was “properly” explained to him.

The judge, however, found that Khoikhoi is a habitual liar, who tried to mislead the court and that his constitutional rights were properly explained to him and that he knew what was happening.

After the police officer who took down Khoikhoi’s warning statement read the statement into the record, State Advocate Ethel Ndlovu closed the case for the State.

Khoikhoi’s State-funded defense lawyer, Mbanga Siyomundji then asked for the court’s indulgence as he wanted to consult with Khoikhoi in more detail, something that the judge was not very pleased with.

He, however, granted Siyomundji’s request and postponed the matter to Friday, but had to remand it again to March 2 as Siyomundji was indisposed.

Khoikhoi had various versions of what happened at Farm Sommerkoms on March 9, 2013, when his romantic partner, Anna Pana (also known as Sellie), died as a result of three stab wounds and come March 2, we could either hear what really happened or any of his fabrications.


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