You matter a great deal!


This goes out to everyone and anyone reading this; you are relevant, your dreams and goals are relevant, you ideas do matter and you are not inferior to other people.

We go through some unpleasant events in life from time to time, and it is human nature to be shaken and hit our low points. Some people get help or find ways to get over, but there are some who find it hard to overcome these challenges. Again, it is human nature to not know it all. Sometimes we can use a little help to get things done. However, help does not just show up, we have to admit first that we need it and then look for it.
But today I want to focus on the fact that whatever you have gone through, or still going through, you are a human being and everything about you should matter. It should matter to you and everyone else. Just because you have failed to do something, or you come from a less fortunate background, or you have been treated badly, none of these makes you less human. You have every right to basic needs, freedom of expression and most importantly the freedom to dream. Dreaming is free of charge, so you can and should put your mind to whatever you want. Do not let other people tell you, you cannot do something. You can achieve anything you want, but first you have to believe in yourself. When you start believing you words and thoughts, you have gained control over your life. When you believe in yourself, it is visible in the way you speak, your body posture and your appearance in general. Other people will see it and they will treat you the same way.
You are a dot in the creation process that was born to connect a chain together. The human race is incomplete without you in it. There is a reason why you made it from nine months in your mother’s womb, to being alive to this present day. Hence your confidence and self-esteem not only serve yourself not other people too. God is not going to write us a note on what our purpose on earth is, our purposes are to serve in whatever way we feel comfortable. The talent you were given by nature, the drive, the desire to do something, the guts to do it; that is what you are supposed to do as your part in the creation process.
Your presence should not be looked down upon by anyone no matter how rich or poor, young or old you are. You are worth to be respected regardless of your past misfortunes and mistakes. Believe in yourself that you are worth it and other will start believing too, and eventually showing you the respect you deserve as a human being.



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