IUM’s SRC caution against social media


WINDHOEK– The Student Representative Council (SRC) of the International University of Management (IUM) is urging the youth not to use social media as a platform to solve their problems.

“I don’t like students who face their problems on social network, there is the right office to go to and to the right people who can help you solve your problems, like the SRC they can help you to solve your problems’’ says Matheus Nakale, the IUM’s SRC President at the opening of the first semester of the IUM this year. He also advises the students to choose the right friends and to avoid bad friends. “Which friend would you choose, a friend who invite you to go to the library or a friend who invite you to the bar,’’ he questioned fellow students.

Nakale further encourage the students to study hard and to be dedicated to their studies. “Do more research to improve your skills and knowledge and in order to contribute to Vision 2030. Students at large let’s do things the right way,”  Nakale urges.


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