Be serious about safety on farms


WINDHOEK – The attacks on elderly farmers during the past month in the Hochfeld and Summerdown areas, again focuses the attention on the safety of our farming community in the rural areas. The latest was a case at a farm in the Hochfeld vicinity where an elderly farmer and his wife were attacked and robbed at night by at least 4 men.

Safety on farms is primarily the responsibility of farm owners. At this stage it looks as if the more vulnerable farmers are targeted.
Farm owners are encouraged to be prepared that robbers might strike at any time during the day or night. The NAU has given safety tips to our members on various occasions already. The NAU realises that it is a nearly impossible task to be prepared at all times but encourages its members to think about their safety first in every situation.

Management of skins and hides exports
The Meat Board in collaboration with role players within the skin and hide sector developed a “Standard Operational Procedures (SOP)” which will manage the procedures for growth of the pickled skins sector in Namibia. The SOP determines the procedures which must be followed with the offering of pickled skins (of sheep and goat) which are destined for the export market. Currently a Government Gazette under the Import- and Export Control Act of 1994 prohibits the export of raw dry/wet salted/unsalted sheep skins and pickled skins unless they are accompanied by a Meat Board Export permit. Furthermore conditions such as the offering process as reflected in the Notice are explained in the SOP. The SOP also serves to bring the new grading system for raw wet/dry salted/unsalted and pickled skins under the attention of the public and role players in the production of and trade in raw wet/dry salted/unsalted skins and added processing steps. The SOP will come into effect as from March 1, 2015. It will be expected that all tanneries and exporters grade their pickled and raw dry/wet salted/unsalted skins which are destined for the export marked according to the applicable grading system. Details about the SOP and each grading system are available for Mr Goliath Tujendapi, Tel 061 275830.

Meat Board still has a limited amount of arboricides
There is still 2,680lt of the liquid arboricides, Tebuthiuron at N$200,00 per liter available. There is also 1 580kg Bromacil at N$178,00 per kg and 870kg pellets at N$87,00 per kg available. A new order for arboricides has been placed and already shipped and should be available at the Meat Board as from beginning of March 2015. Andeline at the Meat Board in Windhoek can be contacted at Tel 275837 for the availability of arboricides.

De-Bushing Project survey
Agra ProVision is conducting a survey on behalf of the GIZ De-Bushing Project, to gain insight into what information land users would value from a De-bushing Advisory Service (DAS) to assist them to take decisions and actions regarding bush encroachment, bush clearing and bush biomass utilization.  As the DAS will be a service provided to land users, it is imperative that it is structured around the identified needs of these clients.  All farmers, as potential clients, are thus encouraged to participate in this survey in order to ensure that their information needs are considered and included in the service.  Questionnaires can be obtained from Twaku Kayofa: email:; tel: 061 – 290 9364 or sms “Bush” and your email address to 40404 (N$ 2 per sms across all networks. Ts & Cs apply).The questionnaire can be downloaded from Agra’s website at

FA and other news
Mentor Kursusse en toereSA in cooperation with Feedmaster offers a field bull course on February 17 from 09:00 – 17:00 at the Agra Auction Pens at Windhoek. The theoretic part will be at the Agra/Bank Windhoek hall and the practical part in the afternoon at the auction pens. The costs are N$2 200 per person and if more than 1 person from a household is taking part, the costs for the additional person are N$1 600. Please register before February 7 with Lourens Swart of Feedmaster at and further details can be obtained from Mr Dawid Krause of Feedmaster, Tel 081 1249415. For more details click here Veldbul Course
Sonop FA is holding a member meeting on February 17 at 14:00 at the FA hall at Farm Frauenhofen. For further details contact Cheryll Pienaar, Tel 062 563189,

Omuramba FA is holding a general meeting on February 17 at 15:00 at the FA hall at Kroonster. For further details contact Tel 062 563706,

Witvlei FA is holding a general meeting on February 18 at 15:00 at the farmer house at Witvlei. Guest speaker is Mr Roland Zirzow, a human resource consultant who also specializes in labour law. For further details contact Monica Bouwer, Tel 062 570317,
Westelike Khomas FA is holding a meeting on February 18 at 14:00 at Harmonie. For further details contact Mrs Jacobs, Tel 081 2431960,

Agra ProVision and Aroab FA will host a farmer’s day at the Aroab FA hall on Friday, 20 February 2014. Under the theme “optimised production”, the event will expose participants to farming alternatives that can be considered for acceleration, relevance and optimum production in Southern Namibia. Interested participants can confirm their attendance by 17 February 2015 with Pieter van Schalkwyk @ 0811248448 or Twaku Kayofa@ / 061 – 290 9364 / SMS Aroab with your Name and Surname to 40404. SMS costs N$2 across all networks.

Veldduin FA is hosting a Hunting and Game day on February 21 at 09:00 at the FA hall. Guest speaker is Jokl le Roux, presenter of the KykNet program “Wild en Wragtig”. A braai competition and women program are also offered and the day is concluded with dinner and a dance. For further details contact Schalk Kuhn, Tel 081 2332123, Joseph Lewies, Tel 081 3202362 or Monia Kuhn, Tel 081 2270950.
Osire-Waterberg FA is holding a meeting on February 24 at 14:00 at the FA hall. Guest speaker is Philene Olivier of Avis Fleet Services. For further details contact Anka Visher, Tel 067 306208,

Karibib FA is holding a meeting on February 28 at 17:00. The venue of the meeting will be given soon. For further details contact Doris Gladis, Tel 061237400,


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