Education official frowns on negativity of teachers


By Tuulikki Abraham

LÜDERITZ – The Regional Director of Education in //Kharas Region, Johannes //Hoeseb, has warned teachers with negative tendencies to desist from their poor attitudes as this adversely affects learning.

He said some individuals with “evil” and self-centered intentions work to undermine the sound relations existing between teachers, hostel staff and the regional education directorate.

Addressing educationalists at a meeting convened at Lüderitz, // Hoeseb sternly warned teachers that are misleading others to cease such counterproductive tendencies.

He said individuals with negative attitudes only serve to undermine the regional authority and “put brakes on progress” in the education sector.

He advised teachers and other stakeholders to root out “toxic people” from their surroundings and rather to surround themselves with positive people.

He said some colleagues at the regional education directorate, in school circuits, clusters and schools are suffering from a “founder’s syndrome” and are impediments towards progress.

He said school principals are better placed to handle the school’s human resources factor because unlike heads of department (HoDs) they are trained to handle that aspect at schools.

In that regard, he said, teachers also get promoted on the basis of their areas of specialization in terms of fields of study and phase/grades during professional teacher training, as reflected on a certificate, academic record or academic transcript.

During the meeting //Hoeseb welcomed Clarise Davids and Mike Friedberg, two education counterparts, to share their experiences within the framework of the draft action plan for the existing twinning agreement between the Northern Cape Provincial Government in South Africa and the // Kharas Regional Council.


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