Uno Boy’s Current Situation, a mixture House and Kwaito


By Selma Neshiko

 WINDHOEK– If you are looking for a December sound mix with a combination of nice House and Kwaito tunes, then look no further because Uno Boy’s Current Situation album is what’s happening right now.

The opening track Sukumba is one of those songs that just puts in a party mood with its up tempo House beat and I’m sure House lovers would enjoy this one.

Get up is an inspiration song that encourages one not to give up and with Afro-Pop diva, Tequila’s sweet voice adding great flavour to the song, it’s a blow.

Still us is upbeat with an attitude. It has that essence of Kwaito with its own flavour. On this song he features Sunny Boy, Ricardo and the Don.  I would say this song is mostly made good by the instruments and the chorus.

Kapisi kukara ngoso, Mavovo Jive and Tamwa are just some of the tracks that will do well in a bar/club environment.  The sound, rhythm and lyrics are on point but I’m regrettably not one of the audiences they are meant for. Yet again these tracks give House supporters a reason to grab this album.Partner Zange featuring Tate Buti, and That girl,featuring Exit and Mushe are my favourites, I can’t stop listening to this tunes. The rhythms of the songs are taken care of to make sure

they’re catchy. These two tracks are simply my standouts of the album, suitable for any atmosphere. With the Current Situation album Uno Boy proves that he is not just a typical Kwaito boy but can bring you fun in a form of amusing sound and tons of attention to musicality. Uno has delivered a spectacular album. The album is currently available at Antonio’s Arts for N$120.



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