Experts forecast wet Christmas

Johannes Jacob (behind the plough) a subsistence farmer of the Kavango started to plough his fields earlier this week after good rains recently fell in the region. Jacob says his family starts working on the fields as early as 06h00 in the morning. The crops they plant include ground beans, maize and sorghum. He said if the rains continue he can expect a bumper harvest during the first quarter of next year.

WINDHOEK – Weather experts forecast the first heavy downpours as from today and they expect a mild and sunny Christmas Day in Windhoek and a very wet seven days over the next week in the central and northern regions.

With this outlook from weather experts as from today and up to December 31, Namibians can look forward to at least ten days of heat-relieving rains.

Predictions are that clouds will start forming this afternoon over the northern and central parts which will bring isolated and heavy thunderstorms with a 40 percent chance of rain for some of these areas as from Friday afternoon.

By Saturday, the chances of rain will be 80 percent and by Sunday most of the country will be overcast with a 100 percent chance for the much anticipated rains.

The rain will come down uninterruptedly but clear up on December 24 to ensure a sunny Christmas Day. Thunderstorms and heavy downpours will still occur in the north-eastern parts of the country while the central areas are expected to be mild and sunny until Saturday, December 29. December 30 is predicted to bring overcast weather, except in the south, and more thunderstorms and rain are forecast  for December 31 as well as on the first day of the New Year.

By Deon Schlechter


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