Accused hurls insults in court


WINDHOEK – Magistrate Hileni Kavara on Friday sentenced Joel Tjombe to a fine of N$2 000 alternatively 30 days imprisonment for contempt of court when he made an appearance for a bail application.

He and his co-accused Patrick Sindile Mabuza face a count of fraud or alternatively theft, and counts of forgery and uttering.

The prosecutor Kandiwapa Nangombe informed the court the matter was on the roll for a bail application.

“I have just received the docket from the investigator, I cannot do the bail application today, and we are only two prosecutors at the station. The accused has two pending matters, he has a propensity for committing offences and in this matter he is charged with fraud, forgery and uttering to the value of N$200 000. We fear that if granted bail, he might abscond,” Nangombe informed the court.

The prosecutor then requested a remand to January 21 2014, which sparked an angry outburst from the accused.

“I want … to be called to the stand to testify, I don’t like such bul*sh*t,” Tjombe said.

“Accused I have earlier warned you, about your conduct and I will hold you in contempt of court,” Magistrate Kavara informed him.

“Bul*sh*t, bul*sh*t and bul*sh*t,” Tjombe replied.

Tjombe faces the prospect of being incarcerated for 30 days unless he pays the fine of N$2000.

Tjombe’s co-accused Mabuza was arrested on April 12.

By Tunomukwathi Asino


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