Carpet vendor targeted by thieves

Joseph Uusiku and Kafo Martin.

WINDHOEK – Two men accused of breaking into the locked motor vehicle of Abrahim Reda Ibrahim in Windhoek West as well as of stealing carpets and curtains were refused bail in the Windhoek Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday.

State Prosecutor Samantha Diergaardt told Magistrate Justine Asino that Joseph Uusiku and Kafo Martin are suspected of involvement in another case of housebreaking and the State therefore objected to bail. She also informed the court that additional suspects are yet to be arrested.

It is alleged that Uusiku and Martin broke into the vehicle on November 5 and stole four small carpets, one big carpet, seven curtains and one big mirror with a total value of N$11 500.

After the charges were read to the accused and their rights to legal aid explained, both indicated they would defend themselves and plead not guilty.

Both accused told the court they were just called to where the incident took place by other people. Who and how they were called was not explained. They were remanded in custody and the right to a formal bail application was explained to them.


By Roland Routh


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