Ndeitunga falls ill in Rundu

Official vehicles of the Namibian Police Inspector General, Lieutenant General Sebastian Ndeitunga parked outside the Rundu Medical Centre where Ndeitunga received treatment for a minor gastric condition.

RUNDU – The country’s national police Inspector General, Lieutenant General Sebastian Ndeitunga fell ill in Rundu on Saturday morning and had to make an impromptu visit to a local private doctor. Ndeitunga was in Rundu for the four-day police senior command conference that concluded last Friday.

“It is an old condition, it is nothing new. I am suffering from [a minor] gastric [bug] so I just went to see a doctor to get a prescription,” Ndeitunga said when he visited the Rundu Medical Centre on Saturday morning around 10h30. He said he might have eaten or drank something which upset his stomach.  He was accompanied by Kavango West police regional commander, Commissioner Olavi Auanga. Ndeitunga said this week he would be meeting with traditional leaders from the region today to discuss policing matters.


By Mathias Haufiku


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