Australian windsurfers still fighting for first place

Today, lighter conditions are expected, which will hopefuly allow competitors to recuperate, while also handing local school children the opportunity to partake in the afternoon water sports session, sponsored by SPAR.

LÜDERITZ –  As of yesterday, attempts to tumble yet more world records were still on in Lüderitz as the wind started with a stable 25 knots going stronger to 30-35 knots on average with the Australian windsurfers in a fierce battle for first place.

Jacques Kint who was ready for action and wishing to lead his nation, broke out straight away with 45.76 knots. His compartiot Tony Wynhoven surpassed him rapidly and achieved 47.23 knots. Belgian Alain de Gendt was also growing in confidence and managed to hit 44.94 knots. Croatian Boris Vujasinovic who joined the competition last week, demonstrated his skills on his way to achieve 46.33 knots. Alexander Goncharov kept going strong and showed much detamination as he improved his national records, when he achieved yet another new Ukrainian record of 44.94 knots.

High cheers went out to Gautier Bourgeois, the youngest rider of the competition, who achieved the best performance of the day with 47.32 knots. South African kitesurfer Taro Niehaus also managed an impressive 53.01 knots. The French record holder Sébastien Cattelan who engineered the channel reached an impressive 55.36 knots. “If the wind was not as gusty as it was during the second part of the day the world kite surfing record would most certainly have been broken,” said Cattelan.



By Staff Reporter


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