Is Unam cultural festival worsening?


WINDHOEK– A University of Namibia student says the idea of hosting a cultural festival is good as it helps maintain culture. However, some think the cultural festival has gotten worse over the years.

Married Nelumbu says it is a good thing since they are bringing cultural diversities among different cultural group together. She believes the event gives students the opportunity to experience different cultural foods and give them new information they did not know. “I tend to see new attires from different cultural groups every year. This event keeps the culture alive and strong as we remember it and not let it die,” comments Nelumbu.

For Mercy Kahundu Molefe, the idea of hosting a cultural festival is good but the event is getting worse. “I remember my first and second year I looked forward to the cultural festival but now in my final year it’s not inviting anymore,” she says

She adds that the timing is not good and some activities that form part of it are not supposed to happen at a cultural festival. “We don’t need to see Kwaito or Reggae artists performing but those cultural artist or group,” notes Molefe. She says if the event is planned it would maintain the same attraction as in the past.


By Sabina Elago

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