Accused faces murder charge

PaulBroun Jagger hurrying up the steps to the holding cells trying to evade being photographed.

WINDHOEK – A young man who faces an attempted murder charge in the Windhoek Magistrate’s Court could end up facing a charge of murder and other charges said Magistrate Justine Asino.

State prosecutor Samantha Diergaardt told Asino the condition of the multiple stab wound victim remains uncertain at this stage and that there are allegations that the suspect stabbed more than one person. The State alleges the suspect PaulBroun Jagger stabbed John Rooi several times with a knife in his face and neck with the intent to murder him.

Jagger’s right to legal representation was explained to him and he indicated that he would apply for legal aid from the State. However, the State objected to bail and Jagger was informed of his right to bring a formal bail application in due course and he was remanded in custody until his next court date on December 12 this year.


By Roland Routh


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