Talk to Us, the Police Urge


By Fifi Rhodes


The most effective way to capture thieves is to change the behaviour of the public. They must feel free to give information to the police if anything sinister is happening around them.

So said Chief of the City Police, Chief Inspector Abraham Kanime.

He was addressing members of the media on Saturday after the capture of notorious criminals following a spate of break-ins at houses in Khomasdal. Kanime said the police face difficulties after arresting burglars.

“As soon the thief lands behind bars and the victims identify their belongings, they refuse to open cases against the perpetrators.”

This, he said, is not helpful.

“We the police are there to serve the public.

“If anything around your house is not in order, call the City Police.

“My force is even prepared to go patrolling the area where you live if you have to leave your house for an extended period.

“But how can you expect help if you don’t inform the police on your activities,” he said.

Kanime, who called an emergency meeting at Katutura Police Station, said people must start to know their neighbours so that they can inform one another on their movements to curb break-ins.

Kanime said the emergency telephone numbers 10111 and 302302 can be dialled at any time if the public suspect illegal movements in their area.
During a break-in Friday night, a large consignment of bedding and clothes were stolen.

The police managed to catch one burglar, while two others made their escape through the river bed.


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