Gous Takes Wesbank Trophy


By a Correspondent

Many fans were delighted by the fact that finally another race would be held at Gallina Moto Cross Park, and so they came in droves. In the Kings’ Class, the Open/125cc Class, crowds witnessed the expected win by Tommy Gous, but Brannigan Wise unexpectedly made it a really tough race for him.

Especially in the Wesbank King of the Dirt race the duel between those two was noteworthy. Kai Pritzen, who ranked third, kept up quite nicely as well.
Wesbank King of the Dirt

1.) Tommy Gous

2.) Brannigan Wise

3.) Kai Pritzen

4.) Ronnie Adams

5.) Frank Klosta

But these were not the only races for honour and championship points. In the 50cc Class Michael Barlow made a clear 1st place, ahead of Joshua Texeira and Jay-Em Trodoux . With this win, Michael emphasised his goal to obtain another championship title.

Tristan Muller is once again the champion in the 65cc Class, but he had to pull out all the stops to shake off Matthew Nederlof .

The 85cc Class was once again ruled by Mark Sternagel, while Tristan Muller and Schalk Louw battled it out for 2nd place. This time Tristan Muller was
able to assert himself.

In the Clubmen’s Class it was once again Jose Texeira who won, ahead of Frank Steyn and Kirsten Spangenberg.

The protagonists in the Quads-A and -B Class knew how to capture the audience. The ace Michael Behnke displayed extraordinary racing and left Wolfgang Rohl and Jean Venter at 2nd and 3rd respectively.

The Quads-Ladies showed some really nice racing and it was once again Cee-Anne Greyling who made 1st place ahead of Maike Bochert and Celene Adams who ranked third.

It is always astounding to watch the little ones in the Mini-Quads Class. Once more little Joane Steenkamp won, ahead of Jaque Maree and Sune Garbers.

It was a superb racing day with tons of excitement in all categories. A heartfelt thank you goes to the main sponsor Wesbank, to all helpers, to the officials of the NMSF and to the DHL lap counter girls.


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