City Reviews Meter Reading


By Staff Reporter


The City of Windhoek commissioned a pilot project to address the estimation of water and electricity meter readings in Windhoek for a period of three months – April to June 2008.

The aim was to read a maximum number of meters currently being estimated, and thus address the complaints and concerns of ratepayers over the estimation of meters in the short term.

The graph below indicates that since the pilot project’s implementation, the number of actual meters read increased from 56 684 in April to 61 671 in June 2008, while decreasing the number of meters estimated from 10 787 down to 5 876.

The City noted that some residents were not cooperating and thus did not allow City officials entry to their premises or make meters available for reading.

The project has now been extended to the end of August 2008.

The City appeals to residents to ensure that no vicious dogs are tied next to the meters and that meters should be free from any obstruction that hinder proper meter readings.

Residents are urged to make meters accessible and visible for reading purposes.

The City will after August determine the way forward regarding reading methods, times and cycles of both water and electricity meters.

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