Union Challenges Govt on Farm Evictions


By Desie Heita


The National Agricultural Union (NAU) has thrown the gauntlet back in the Government’s court, asking it to equally respect the laws of the country when it comes to the eviction of long-serving farm workers from government resettled farms.

The comment came after the Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Welfare, Petrus Iilonga, expressed concern over the continuous eviction and dumping of farm employees on national roads, saying farmers “appear to be concerned only with their ‘right to enjoy their private property’ without considering the human rights of the employees and their family members”.

Iilonga was the keynote speaker at the 21st Annual Congress of the Agricultural Employers Association in Windhoek yesterday.

“The farmers [and] perpetrators of illegal eviction and dumping have not taken into account the social and psychological impact of their actions on the employees whom they evict,” said Iilonga.

However, Raimar von Hase, president of the National Agricultural Union (NAU) who was also in attendance, said it is unfortunate that such accusations are still being thrown at the commercial farmers while “no member of the NAU has evicted and dumped workers in the street in the last 12 months”.

Von Hanse said the only case that came to the union’s attention is the eviction of farmers at the government farm in Maltah?


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