TransNamib Courts Partnerships


By Desie Heita

Vastra, Sweden

TransNamib has invited Swedish companies to partner the State-owned transport company in its US$1 billion refurbishment exercise that would poise it to compete on an equal footing with the world’s transporters.

Newly appointed Chief Executive Officer for Trans-Namib, Titus Haimbili, said the parastatal needs to upgrade its infrastructure to handle 18,5 tonnes axle load at 80 km per hour, from the current 40 km per hour, at a cost of US$564 million in new railroads. It also needs to invest US$15 million in the refurbishment of 30 locomotives within the next three years and to purchase 10 new locomotives at an estimated cost of US$17 million.

The total estimated cost for the revamping of infrastructure, establishing and constructing new railroads, new coaches for passengers and wagons, comes to around US$1?

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