Learners Train in Public Speaking


By Frederick Philander


The time for secondary school learners to test their mettle in public speaking skills has started.

Teachers, who will act as coaches for the Bank Windhoek Business Orators League for Secondary Schools, have been trained and are now ready to coach the competitors.

At the first training session for teachers from the central and southern regions, Riaan van Rooyen, Head of Corporate Communications and Social Investment at Bank Windhoek, had the following to say.

“Being able to speak well in public and still be persuasive, is a leadership skill. That is why Bank Windhoek is proud to be the title sponsor of this project as the Bank believes future leaders are built through the project.”

Another training session for schools in the northern regions was offered yesterday. This year 14 schools will be competing in the league, which includes seven schools from outside Windhoek.

The Bank Windhoek Business Orators League for Secondary Schools forms part of a bigger communication project, which includes the Bank Windhoek Namibia Business Communicator of the Year and the Spokespersons of the Year, both in the public and private sectors for the past seven years.

The project is owned and administered by PRO-Image, while PRISA Namibia endorses the Business Communicator of the Year.
Annemarie Saunderson, manager of PRO-Image, can be contacted for further details on: 061 255685.

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