Pohamba Urges Swapo Members to Be Vigilant


By Kuvee Kangueehi


Swapo Party President Hifikepunye Pohamba yesterday called on party members to reject all forms of provocation from whatever quarter and thereby avoid social and political tension.

The President said everybody has seen what political instability can bring to a nation and thus the country cannot afford to go that route.

“Our energies must be focussed on the development and the improvement of our people’s living conditions.”

He said the country could only achieve development when there is peace and stability.

Founding President Sam Nujoma, who accompanied Pohamba to the eastern town of Gobabis, condemned the recent killing of a Russian couple in the vicinity of Okahandja, as well as the attack on an old couple at Dordabis last week.

Nujoma said attacks on innocent people create a bad image for the country and urged everyone who has information regarding the culprits to inform the police.

The former president warned that Namibian law enforcement agencies would leave no stone unturned in trying to arrest the culprits in the Dordabis attack.
Switching to politics, Nujoma urged party members not to be misled by those that are saying the party has lost vision and direction.

“The Swapo Party Go-vernment will confront the challenges that we face with vigour and determination.”

At the occasion the Swapo Party Regional Coordinator, Festus Ueitele, said the party must make sure that it captures six constituencies out of the seven during national elections next year.

The Swapo Party currently controls the Steinhausen, Kalahari, Epukiro and Gobabis constituencies. Ueitele said come next year the Otjombinde Constituency, which is under Swanu and Otjinene, which is controlled by Nudo should become Swapo constituencies.

Ueitele further noted that the rumour that the Omaheke region is a soft target for the newly formed party Rally for Democracy and Progress is not true as the Swapo Party is as strong as ever.

The meeting was attended by the vice president of the party, Hage Geingob, Governor of Omaheke, Laura McLeod, various Cabinet ministers, Chief Alphons Maharero, Senior Chief Erastus Kahuure and parliamentarians.


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