Robbers Attack Couple, Steal Arms


By John Ekongo


Barely a fortnight after a Russian couple was murdered on its farm in the Okahandja district on May 10, another attack on an elderly couple took place near Dordabis yesterday.

The latest attack took place on the farm Ibenstein. The farm belongs to a German speaking couple, Michael Krafft (71) and his wife Sabine (68).

According to the Kraffts’ youngest son Martin, four male assailants broke into the couple’s sleeping quarters at around 20h00 on Wednesday evening.

Opposite the sleeping quarters is the living room, just a few metres away where the couple was watching television.

Sabine was attacked with a hard object on her right eye when she went to their bedroom.

The assailants then restrained her and tied her hands, stuffed a piece of cloth into her mouth and secured it with ducktape to keep her mouth shut.

The robbers demanded money from her, according to Martin.

Moments thereafter, the assailants went to the living room where they caught the elderly Michael off guard. One assailant pulled out a pistol. A scuffle ensued, and the old man managed to grab the pistol. In the process, a shot went off and struck the wall.

The robbers managed to overpower Krafft, after hitting him with a tyre lever on his left eye. They dragged him towards the sleeping quarters where he found his wife who was tied. They floored the old man in the main bedroom.

The robbers proceeded to ransack the house and managed to open the gun cabinet in the main bedroom with a crowbar.

The robbers helped themselves to 12 weapons from the safe, which included six hunting rifles, three pistols and three shotguns, according to Sergeant Stephan Nuuyi of the police public relations division. According to Nuuyi, the thieves also got away with N$70?


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