Property Developer, Agent War Rages On


By Desie Heita


In a bizarre twist of events, the melodramatic fight between former estate agent Daphne Swanepoel and hopeful property developer, Tony Mbok, has escalated into a spy war with each party levelling accusations against the other.

They have both hired private investigators to clandestinely investigate, record conversations and monitor the whereabouts of the other.

Mbok, for his part, is accusing Swanepoel of putting together a “SWAT team tasked to seek and destroy me”.

Both ran to the police station on Tuesday to lay charges of harassment and assault against each other.

Mbok is claiming that his life, and that of his family, is in danger because of Swanepoel. Swanepoel is also claiming that Mbok has been sending her threatening SMSes. So does Mbok.

“I have approached the Anti-Corruption Commission to investigate this matter,” claims Swanepoel.

The fight between the two started last year with the collapse of Dignity Housing Initiative, through which Mbok promised to provide affordable housing to poor people. Individuals paid N$5?


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