Let Obama Clear the Mess!



Please allow me a space in your popular newspaper to say something nice about Barack Obama and America for a break! My daughter of four years refers to the Senator as ‘Orack Obama’. She knows he is from America. Being a news junkie myself, every time Obama comes on TV my daughter excitedly tells me to watch your “newth, it is Orack Obama,” she would knowingly and proudly tell me. There is some indefinable something about certain people who when one starts talking about them one can easily run a risk of making them appear larger than life. This is what I felt when I decided to write something about Senator Barack Obama. He is a like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr and a Malcolm X rolled into one! It is now clear, he is going to be the first Afro-American Presidential candidate – the man has made history already!

In fact, I felt that if George Bush has been a curse to the American people and the world at large, Barack – just like his name means – may become the “barakah” (blessing) that America and the world need right now. I do not know if it is only me who feels this way, but for some reason I believe that Obama may just dramatically change the negative perceptions of America in many parts of the world, even if it is to be a mere psychological thing, just by getting elected President of the United States of America and do half of what he has been promising the American people so far!

The horrible and terrifying Bush years appear to have left America – desperately – so much in need of a public image repair, such that a person like John McCain will only mess up more if he happens to be elected President of the United States of America come November 2008. I am obviously biased towards Obama; this is what I am revealing in this letter, but why? The simple reason is that I am simply inspired like any normal person would be by following the incredible story of Obama.

Generally, I do have a lot of begrudging respect for America, simply because there is a side of America that is admirable and Obama seems to have capitalised on that aspect, but as the whole world knows there is also the Bush side of America, that is why I am expressing HOPE that, just maybe, just maybe, Barack Obama may just be the medicine that the sick America needs in the not too distant future. My subjective reason is that personally I hate wars, all kinds of wars, I just hate wars and violence, for they normally bring nothing but death and mass destruction.?


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