Another Fuel Price Hike


By Staff Reporter


The much-anticipated petrol and diesel price increase will come into effect at midnight on Monday, the Ministry of Mines and Energy announced yesterday.

The price of 93 octane lead replacement petrol, as well as 95 octane-unleaded petrol will see a staggering increase of 50 cents per litre.

Wholesale diesel will be hardest hit, with an increase of 80 cents a litre.

At Walvis Bay pumps 93 octane leaded and 95 unleaded petrol will be N$8.98 per litre, while the price of diesel will top at N$10.64 per litre.

In northern towns such as Katima Mulilo, Rundu and Oshakati, the unleaded petrol will be N$9.27, leaded petrol will go for N$9.25 and diesel will cost N$10.91.

In Windhoek the prices will be N$9.20 (unleaded), N$9.18 (leaded) and N$10.84 (diesel).

In Gobabis, Keetmanshoop and L?


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