Bahai Members Deplore Arrests of Colleagues


By Staff Reporter


Members of Bahai Faith in Namibia have condemned the attack and arrest of their fellow faith believers in Iran, whom they said, “were summarily and unjustly arrested by the Iranian authorities in raids conducted in the early hours of 14 May”.

Six Bahai believers, including the faith leaders in Iran, have been arrested.

The Bahai faith has a following of 1 800 members in Namibia since its introduction in the country in 1953, said Simin Fani, one of the Bahai Faith members in Namibia. Flanked by her fellow members – Craig Dennis, Ndiitah Nghipondoka-Robiati, and Sam Belete – Fani told a media briefing in Windhoek that for long the Iranian government has persecuted and executed members of the Bahai faith. Iran has put the Bahai faith under ban since 1979.

“Our faith’s principles include the elimination of all sorts of prejudice,” Fani said. She said those arrested in Iran are under solitary confinement, some in the most notorious prisons of Iran.

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