NBC Contempt Charges Dropped


By Anna Shilongo


A case in which the Namibia Broadcasting Corporation faces a charge of contempt of court after its representatives failed to pay a penalty prescribed by the district labour court in a case of unfair dismissal in 2001, was yesterday withdrawn from the Katutura Magistrate Court.

The NBC agreed to pay the money by next week Friday and the charges against the national broadcaster were withdrawn.

During the proceedings, NBC Director General, Bob Kandetu, assured the court that the NBC was in the process of settling the amount ordered.

Kandetu showed the court a letter instructing the general manager of finance to make the payment some time ago. The court then ordered the NBC to make all the payments owed by next week Friday.

The NBC was charged with contempt of court after it dismissed former sub-editor Edy /Narib in 2001. The corporation accused /Narib of theft of fuel and losing company tracksuits. But /Narib denied the allegations.

A disciplinary hearing was pending when he tendered his resignation on October 14, 2001 for November. Two days after he handed in his resignation letter, the former employee was booked off for major depression.

He was booked off until November 16, but to his dismay, the NBC issued an ultimatum to him, which was later withdrawn. The disciplinary hearing was suspended. However, the NBC dismissed /Narib while he was booked off sick.

On November 16 – the day of his return to work – /Narib was again booked off for 10 days but the NBC terminated his services and served him with a dismissal letter when he returned to work.

/Narib took his employer to court. He won the case against the national broadcaster which was ordered to pay /Narib N$84?


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