Namibia’s Xenophobic Victims Named


By Desie Heita


New Era has obtained a list of Namibian nationals who are said to be victims of vicious xenophobic attacks in South Africa.

The Namibian High Commissioner to South Africa, Phillemon Kambala, has confirmed to New Era that he had seen the list.

However, he could not verify that individuals named were victims of xenophobic attacks. He said his office has received reports of individuals attacked and wounded in the xenophobic attacks in Cape Town.

Kambala travelled to Cape Town yesterday afternoon to see for himself the situation on the ground.

More than 35 000 foreign nationals – mostly Zimbabweans and Mozambicans – have fled South Africa since the ten days of violent attacks on foreign nationals, migrant workers, refugees and asylum seekers living in South Africa’s informal settlements.

The attacks have left 25 000 people displaced in Gauteng Province and 10 000 in Cape Town. The figures were given by the Red Cross in South Africa.

The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) reported that more than 6,000 of the displaced people in Gauteng are children and women. Up to 56 people have died in the attacks.

The names of Namibians who reportedly fell victims to the attacks are:
1. Matias Eita Akwenye
2. Nehemia Sakeus
3. Paulus Mongoya
4. Shikalepo Erastus
5. Aifete Moses
6. Benny Moses
7. Ericky Shikololo
8. Philipus Tuliyameni
9. Shikongo Lukas
10. Tomas Iiyambo
11. Shooka Philipus
12. Iimanuel Katombela
13. Nambala Gerson
14. Johannes Nangolo
15. Matheu Shaanika
16. Paulus Shilomuntu
17. Hamutenya Moongela
18. Job Simion Nakuyala
19. David Shikalepo
20. Gerson Shityeni
21. Kapolo Philipus
22. Shikongo Julius
23. Aukongo Jason
24. Kamati Anton
25. Haukongo Lukas
26. Ananias Shiikwa
27. Natharia Diniso
28. Pandeinge Andreas
29. Haange Andreas


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