War or No War?


By John Ekongo


The arrival of cellular network operator, Cell One on the local telecommunications scene has heralded comparative advertising between the old horse Mobile Telecommunication Limited (MTC) and the new kid on the block.

In an effort to lure customers on board, both companies have been keeping their advertising executives busy.

The past few months have seen a steady rise in advertising genius by the mobile operators in a bid to outwit each other.

It is this apparent ‘duel’ that has given the impression that there is advertising ‘war’ between the two giants. Even though names are not being mentioned, customers say, advertising messages by the two companies are directly aimed at outwitting one another. Thus far, the advertising between the two competitors has stayed clear of naming names.

“There is no war, there is no advertising war. Whatever we advertise is based on our customers’ needs and we have a customer centric approach to our advertising. As you can see from the products we introduced, such as the free smss on Fridays, which were very popular, and we recently celebrated our 100??????’??


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