Goju Ryu Karate to Hone Skills in Japan


By Staff Reporter


A group of 11 students from the Goju Ryu Karate Namibia will travel to Okinawa, Japan from July 15 -30 to attend the 2008 Okinawa World Budosai.

The Okinawa World Budosai is a training seminar and takes place every four years. Forty-seven countries are expected to take part in the 17-day seminar.

The event offers Namibian students the opportunity to mingle and be taken through the ropes by world-renowned karate instructors.

Goju Ryu Karate Namibia wants to thank Air Cool CC for their generous sponsorship.

For more information on Goju Ryu Karate please phone 241 879 or visit www.goju-ryu-karate-namibia.com


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