Traditional Leaders Call for Tolerance


By Anna Ingwafa


Traditional leaders in the north have called on political leaders to restrain supporters who are intolerant of other political parties, saying such supporters would spoil the spirit of peace, mutual understanding, democracy and tolerance in the country.

On behalf of all the traditional leaders, Chairman of the Council of Traditional Authorities King Elifas Kauluma of Ondonga said last week that the political history of the country reflects that Namibians have fought united and not divided.

He emphasized that political differences should be there but should not lead to hatred among the people. Politicians and their supporters must desist from tarnishing each other’s names, and denounce character assassination and humiliation and the instigation of provocation against each other, as well as the carrying of weapons at political rallies.

King Kauluma said that for the past 18 years people have enjoyed peace and tranquility, “and during those years, we went through true democratic elections and accepting one another in the spirit of unity and development.

We will face similar election in 2009 and 2010, but if political leaders let the peaceful atmosphere slip away, then we will expect bloodshed of innocent lives.”

He reminded the country that until today, people still mourn their beloved ones who died and went missing during the liberation struggle. If the same is to be repeated, “Will we be able to talk of the spirit of reconciliation?” King Kauluma asked.

He asked political leaders to become conscious of the spirit of brotherhood, unity, tolerance and respect. He also called on every Namibian to demonstrate maturity and good upbringing by showing respect to government leaders, traditional leaders, elders and each human being.

He called on people to prepare for the upcoming elections and requested political leaders to take messages to communities on prosperity, peace and development as outlined in Vision 2030.


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