Murdered Teacher’s Relatives Feud Over Estate


By Anna Shilongo


The widower of the late schoolteacher, Wilhelmina Nangula Hamukwaya, brutally killed and robbed of her vehicle by a former security guard last year in March, has appealed to the High Court to intervene in his late wife’s estate.

The grief-stricken man made the appeal after he was disinherited by his late wife’s relatives who shared her estate but left him with the burden of looking after their children.

Desiderius Tshafa, who is a father of four sons, aged 4, 8, 14 and 19, is unhappy with the way his wife’s estate was handled by her relatives who took everything.

Tshafa accused his sister-in-law, Sussan Johannes Haihambo, of enriching herself with his wife’s money, while living him without a single cent, apart from the children.

He claimed that he never got a cent from his wife’s estate.

“My wife had a life cover of more than N$300??????’??


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