Petrol Price Is ‘Outrageous’


By John Ekongo


The Mines and Energy Ministry announced another fuel hike on Monday, for the fourth time this year.

New Era conducted a snap opinion survey with Polytechnic of Namibia staffers to gauge their opinion on what Government should do to curb the increases.

Franklin Green
Government should seriously look at measures to assist motorists. Therefore, we are anxiously hoping that the task force established by Government will give us some good news.

Dr Michael Tjivikua
Petrol prices have become totally outrageous. It is most devastating for the vulnerable and poor as it impacts heavily on food prices as well. Non-OPEC (Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries) countries should and can do a whole lot better to curb this negative trend. Oil speculators are the main culprits.

Paulus Hawanga
Our national economists should come together with other concerned stakeholders to identify alternatives to resolve the escalation of fuel prices in our country. They should advise our political leaders on finding alternatives as soon as possible.

Susan Dietlik
When schools start, it looks like I will have to wake up early and walk my kids to school. Petrol I can no longer afford and it is just as well that my car will remain stationary.

Lizzele Miller
Start cycling; besides it is healthy.


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