Assaulted Because of ‘Party Politics’


By Anna Shilongo


Thirty-year-old Simon Nakale claims that he was assaulted by employees of the Onambango Supermarket in Ohangwena Region because of party politics.

The group of workers consisting of three males and one female apparently attacked Nakale last Saturday, around 15h00 when he went shopping at the shop.

The workers reportedly initially accused Nakale of stealing from the shop.

They are reported to have confronted and searched him and accused him of being a thief.

The group of workers could however not find what they were looking for.

They apparently then changed the story to something else, accusing Nakale of having stolen a soft drink, which they claimed he never accounted for.

They claimed that Nakale drank the soft drink while doing his shopping.

As a result, the workers apparently dragged the victim to the back of their shop for questioning.

They attacked him as a group and he sustained serious injuries in the process.

A case of assault with grievous bodily harm was opened against the workers.

While at the back of the shop, the workers apparently questioned Nakale on why he always shouted their boss’s name whenever he passed by in a convoy of Swapo vehicles.

The workers claimed that the victim occasionally shouted his boss’s name, saying, “Down Nambango, down Nambango,” when driving to Swapo rallies.

The four workers were identified as Russa Christopher, Lucas Kauhondamwa, Nelson Vahekeni and Handunge Ndume.

Police Public Relations Officer Stephan Nuuyi confirmed the arrest of the suspects.

The group of workers appeared before the Ohangwena Magistrate’s Court on Monday and were charged with assault with intent to cause grievous bodily harm.


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