Namibians Wrestle a Haul of Medals


By Staff Reporter


Namibian wrestlers are in high spirits after their remarkable performance at the recently concluded South African Greco Roman Wrestling Championships in Stellenbosch, near Cape Town at the beginning of this month.

Day one saw the Namibians amongst the medal collectors with no less than eight gold medals in the kitty.

Results from day-one read as follows:

Gold Medals
Michael Thomas u/13 u/33
Herman Namwandi u/15 u/33
Jason Afrikaner u/15 u/46
Sem Shilimela u/20 u/50
Paavo Hihangwa u/20 u/55
Armand Steyn u/13 u/54
Johan Retief u/13 u/76
Tjiurunga Siririka u/13 u/58
Silver Medal
Angula Shikongo u/20 u/84
Bronze Medal
Andre Augustyn u/13 u/50
Day Two
Gold Medals
Lukas Thomas u/17 u/42
Jason Afrikaner u/17 u/46
Paavo Hihangwa Senior u/55
Silver Medal
Sem Shilimela u/17 u/50
Day two also saw three Namibian wrestlers Jason Afrikaner, Paavo Hihangwa and Sem Shilimela competing in a higher age category where the trio proved their mettle despite the tender age.
Overall, the Namibian wrestlers certainly left a lasting mark on the two-day competition and have shown that they will be a force to be reckoned with in the not too distant future.


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