RDP, Swapo Nearly Clash


By Kuvee Kangueehi


A Rally for Democracy and Progress (RDP) meeting which was scheduled to take place in Okuryangava, Windhoek, on Saturday was called off at the last minute after confrontation between RDP and Swapo Party members.

It is said the confrontation was emotionally charged and on the brink of violence and it was the timely intervention of the Namibian Police that brought the situation under control.

RDP members had to be escorted by the Namibian Police out of Okuryangava, while some cars belonging to RDP members were stoned.

According to the RDP acting secretary for the Khomas Region, Jeremiah Nambinga, the Swapo Party Khomas Regional Coordinator, Michael Mwinga, caused the confrontation by allegedly instigating Swapo Party members to disrupt the RDP meeting.

Nambinga said his party wrote a letter to Wanaheda Police Station Commander, Chief Inspector Andreas Nelumbu, on Friday informing him about the planned meeting at Tobias Hainyeko Constituency in Okuryangava, which the police approved.

Addressing a press conference in the capital at the RDP headquarters yesterday, Nambinga said on Friday RDP members noticed a Swapo Party flag hoisted at the venue of the meeting and informed the police.

Nambinga noted that the flag was removed but on Saturday morning Swapo Party members led by Mwinga arrived at the RDP meeting venue and refused to leave. He told the media that the Swapo Party members started to insult and provoke RDP members who had arrived for the meeting.

The former deputy minister claimed that the situation became tense and police reinforcement was called in. A dangerous situation was averted due to RDP maturity in handling a very explosive situation provoked by Swapo extremists, he said.

Nambinga said the Swapo Party members shouted derogatory remarks at RDP members, such as: “The RDP leaders are Judas Iscariots; RDP members are enemies of the State and economic saboteurs”.

He added that the Swapo Party members also called the RDP members dogs with tails, which should be cut off.

Nambinga said the instigation of the public by Swapo Party leadership to deny RDP members water, food and other amenities is unprecedented because according to international law it is tantamount to genocide.

He called on people who have influence on Swapo to act now before Swapo turns the country into a besieged fortress of violence and turmoil.

“The ongoing political intimidation by Swapo Party as witnessed recently at Edudja, Omuthiya and elsewhere clearly shows the desperation in Swapo and if not contained will have the potential to cause chaos in our beautiful country.”

Nambinga said his party will not be intimidated by the provocations of the Swapo Party and will continue to scrupulously respect the constitution and the laws of the country.

He compared the situation on Saturday to the Zanu-PF agenda in Zimbabwe.
Nambinga said he knows that President Hifikepunye Pohamba is a gentleman and will definitely not support such acts, and called on him to call his party members to order.

Efforts to contact Mwinga and the Swapo Party secretary for information and mobilisation were unsuccessful.


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