Shooting From The Hip! – More Questions than Answers


Carlos Kambaekwa

At a time when teams hog the headlines for all the wrong reasons, yours truly will rather throw the cap to the very people who should wear it and as it has become customary practice with the author – I’m not in the habit of mumbling my dismay in whispers, I shoot straight from the hip, of course in black and white, period!

My message to some of these self-styled football administrators is: Sort out the mess you have created in the protracted Disciplinary matter between African Stars and Black Africa – a situation that has been created by your own inability to apply the laws that govern your togetherness.

The whole exercise has now taken a slippery slope journey just because of hopelessly too much personal interest and shameless Bra-skap amongst the football hierarchy.

This issue should have been sorted out ages ago and the second round was not supposed to have started before conclusion of the first round – that’s the bottom line.

Any average person serving on this so-called Board of Governors should at least possesses the ability to maximize those little grey substance tucked between their ears, and failure to apply simple rules is a clear demonstration that some of these guys are just not up to it.

Or else how does one explain a situation where people entrusted with running an organization of such magnitude resort to a voting system on a clear-cut case when the rules are already in place to govern them.

Black Africa was left off the hook, courtesy of a technicality, obviously aided by the incompetence or rather laxity of self-proclaimed football gurus who think they know each and every little detail about the beautiful game, whilst they are just lightweights in the real sense.

As much as yours truly dislikes matches being won on the green table, I’m tempted to believe African Stars have a legitimate concern about the rescheduling of the match since the matter was not dealt with in the most appropriate manner – thus leaving dozens of serious question marks over the fashion in which procedures were willingly sidestepped, so to speak.

We all know very well who the real culprits are in this case, but football bosses are preaching ignorance while looking for scapegoats in the wrong places.

To compound matters, the case is being handled by people who have vested interest in the outcome of the Disciplinary case, and that in my opinion constitutes a serious conflict of interest.

As it stands, the Board of Governors must surely count their blessings that barring a miracle, both teams appear to be out of contention for the league title otherwise they would have been seated with a dangerously hot potato on their plate.

No Show Makes a Mockery of Southern Stream League

I must admit yours truly was disgusted by news that some teams in the Southern Stream Division One League failed to honour their league obligations, nogal on their doorstep ag sies tog.

What really pisses me off is the manner in which the league administrators go about their daily business concerning this burning issue as they just dish out results with the outdated “Walkover” mark next to them.

If teams don’t pitch up for their league assignments they just forfeit points without being charged for bringing the game of football into disrepute, but alas, this is Namibian football and things are done differently in this part of the World, my broer!

Defaulters should not be allowed to play their next match and must be hauled before a Disciplinary hearing to answer charges of having brought the game of football into disrepute.

Four “Walkovers” in one weekend is no chicken feed as it clearly demonstrates the chaotic administration of our football, to say the least.

Is it not perhaps time to execute a full-scale skill audit at Soccer House and knuckle down to some serious business. As long as we keep on embracing mediocrity just because of Bra-skap, the status quo will remain.

Dear readers, let me please ink off here because my ageing fingers are starting to tremble because of anger.


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