Namibia, Germany Promote Agriculture


By Staff Reporter


Namibia and Germany have come up with a new initiative to promote cooperation in trade in the agriculture sector
The Namibia-German Agriculture and Food Day was held for the first time on April 24 and could result in the establishment of business links between companies in the two countries.

Representatives of government, businesses and non-governmental organisations from the two countries participated in a workshop whose focus was on biotrade, renewable energy, import and export procedures, commercialisation of healing plants such as hoodia, poverty reduction programmes, grape farming and rearing and maintaining livestock species.

A statement from the Namibian Embassy in German said the presentations highlighted Namibia’s attractiveness as a business and investment destination, showcased some of Namibia’s agricultural export goods, demonstrated the potential for new products and also informed German companies about current investment opportunities.

When he opened the workshop, former Namibian Ambassador to Germany now Director General of the National Planning Commission, Professor Peter Katjavivi, said the problems the world is facing, including soaring food prices, require global cooperation, action and new strategies.

“It is against this background that I welcome this forum: It not only focusses on the important aspect of fostering trade relations in more traditional economic sectors, but approaches the topic of agriculture and food more holistically by engaging in, for example, issues of fair trade and renewable energy,” Katjavivi said.

He said the problem of rising food prices is exacerbated by climate change, which has the potential to further undermine food production, especially in developing countries.

Katjavivi said extreme climatic events such as droughts and floods in northeastern Namibia were increasing in frequency and also in severity and have a detrimental effect on agricultural production and food security.

He said as a result of this, the world should create fairer global trading systems that could enhance the ability of developing countries to fully participate in the world market, reduce poverty and achieve economic development.

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