Children’s Parliament Opens Today


By Staff Reporter


The second session of the Namibian Children’s Parliament starts today in the National Assembly.

The Children’s Parliament has now become an annual event on the Namibian Parliamentary calendar, having been launched last year during the first sitting from May13 to 18.

The number of participants to this year’s Parliament, which ends on Friday, has been increased to three learners per region.

A statement from the National Assembly said this morning the Junior Speaker and Junior Deputy Speaker will be sworn in followed by the setting of an agenda and topics for discussion.

The official welcoming ceremony during which Elsabe van Vuuren, Junior Mayor of the City of Windhoek; Clever Mupaura, Speaker of the University of Namibia Parliament; Rushnan Murtaza, UNICEF Officer-in-Charge, and Spea-ker of the National Assembly, Dr Theo-Ben Gurirab, will present speeches, will take place this afternoon.

Various organisations and ministries will address the Children’s Parliament on social and economic issues affecting children, the “Unmet Rights of Children – Children as Active Citizens” and the Millennium Development Goals.

On Friday, the Parliament will hold general discussions on the communiqu??????’??


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