Jeweller Donates to Orphanage


By Staff Writer


Andre Canto the Managing Director of Canto Jewellery together with his family last week made a donation of butternuts, carrots and apples to Theresia’s Orphanage for vulnerable children.

The donation to Theresia’s by Canto and his wife Simone consisted of 32 kg of butternuts, 50 kg carrots and 200 apples.

After the donation, founder of the orphanage the inspirational Rundu-based businesswoman, Elizabeth Hilger, said: “Whenever I am on a business trip I never forget the children in my heart – every time I travel, I always come back home with something for the children too.

“Which makes my journey always happy to go back home with something not only for my family house, but for the children, in the village,” she said.

It is not the first time the Canto family has been the benefactor of this orphanage which takes care of over 100 orphans outside Rundu, as previously they donated 98 winter blankets.

And they also made a cash donation of N$2 500 on top of some food.

“These children’s backgrounds have touched the hearts of the Canto family and every time we meet in Windhoek, they always give something to these children, ” said Hilger.

Canto is not an ordinary jeweller as on April 14 during the official launch of the new post office stamp, a piece of art he designed graced a postage stamp showing an artistry feat by this generous jeweller.

This piece of art was chosen by the artist Helge Denker.


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