Diescho Hammers ETSIP, Education


By Frederick Philander


Academic and political analyst Dr Joseph Diescho on Thursday evening scathingly criticized the country’s education system and denounced the ETSIP programme as a misnomer.

He was the keynote speaker at the third in a series of TUCSIN lectures on education at a packed hall.

“I have asked a number of Ministry of Education officials about the logic of learners passing or not passing under the new examination system, even policymakers. Not one of them could really explain the logic behind it.

However, a female official admitted that they don’t understand the grading system. ‘We only work here,’ she told me,” Diescho said during question time.

A number of teachers, union members and officials of the ministry of education attended the lively gathering.

The same woman, according to Diescho, also explained that the ETSIP programme came about by way of donor requirements, insisting that if the ministry wanted money from them the present education system had to be followed.

“The ETSIP situation, I really don’t understand it. I informed the former deputy minister of local government, the former director of elections and a very good comrade, Professor Gerhard T??????’??


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