Colonialists Can’t Match Swapo’s Success – Ekandjo


By Anna Ingwafa


The German and South African apartheid colonial regimes who occupied Namibia for a total of 106 years failed to develop the country compared to the Swapo-led Government that has done a lot in a period of 18 years.

The comparison was made by Minister of Regional and Local Government, Housing and Rural Development Jerry Ekandjo on Sunday at Olupaka in the Omusati region.

Ekandjo told a well-attended meeting that Namibia has a rich history brought about by the bravery of Captain Hendrik Witbooi, Jacob Marenga, Chief Kahimemwa Nguvauva, Chief Samuel Maharero, Chief Nehale Lja Mpingana, Chief Mandume ja Ndemufayo, Chief Ipumbu ya Tshilongo and others who fought and resisted German colonialism and the South African apartheid occupation of Namibia. They stood firm for the protection and defence of the motherland from European colonial invaders.

“We must therefore continue to emulate their bravery and heroism, as we embark upon the second phase of the struggle for economic independence. Swapo brought independence and now people should strive for economic independence,” he said.

He said the only way to fight poverty is by educating Namibians. That is why the Government is pumping a lot of money into education.

The German colonial masters, according to Ekandjo, only killed people and they nearly made the Herero tribe extinct by brutally killing about 80 percent of them and about 60 percent of the Nama tribe, while the South African apartheid colonial regime had its “divide and rule policy” and the hopeless Bantu education system.

He noted that independence came through bloodshed that is reflected in the national and Swapo Party flag, and sacrifices were made by heroes and heroines.

He cautioned people not to be misled by the Rally for Democracy and Progress (RDP) which is promising to give jobs to people. “They themselves do not have a job and that is the reason they want you to vote for them to get a job.”

Ekandjo said there are suggestions that traditional and church leaders should not join politics.

He said according to the Namibian Constitution no one is prohibited from joining politics. “Politics is for everybody and they do have the right to join.

That’s why we have the likes of Chief Justus //Garoeb, Revered Willem Konjore, and Herero Paramount Chief Kuaima Riruako and many others in politics.”

Ekandjo announced that the commemoration of the founding of Swapo on April 19 will be held at Otjiwarongo but in the regions it will be remembered on April 26

President Hifikepunye Pohamba will be in Otjiwarongo to introduce members of the Central Committee of the Swapo Party that were elected at the party’s congress in Windhoek in November last year.

Speaking at the same event, Outapi Councilor Taati Shileka highlighted some of the development projects that occurred after independence in Outapi constituency.

The Government built a number of schools and upgraded some to higher grades. At decentralization level, most of the ministries are represented at Outapi except for a few.

The Swapo government has according to Shileka built the Outapi-Tsandi road and gravel road between Olupaka and Onesi.

Shileka said Outapi was not a town before independence but was transformed into one after independence.

The councillor noted that a number of schools and villages in the constituency do have water through rural water supply, though there are a few that are yet to be given same.


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