Thugs Loot Govt Guns


By Anna Shilongo


Unidentified suspects broke into the Ministry of Safety and Security offices along Krupp Street and stole an assortment of firearms and ammunition in the early hours of Saturday morning.

The suspects gained entry through a steel door on the south-western side of the building.

Police spokesperson, Chief Inspector Angula Amulugu, said the suspects forced open the door to one of the offices and removed six G3 rifles, 7.62 millimetre automatic rifles, two 9-millimetre pistols and a 5.65 millimetre baby-browning pistol.

The thieves apparently forced open wooden doors and removed a small safe where office keys were kept. They also removed a hard-drive to one of the computers, which contained all logistical information.

The suspects also made off with an unknown amount of money from the ground floor.

According to Amulungu, the suspects seem to have been disturbed when the alarm went off and hastily fled the premises.

Amulungu expressed concern about the theft, as the weapons could be used to commit serious crimes such as murder and armed robbery.

“These people pose danger to the public. We also do not know what they are going to do with the ammunition. We are really concerned,” said Amulungu.

He said the law does not allow civilians to possess such dangerous arms.
Other goods were also stolen during the raid.

No suspect has been arrested in connection with the burglary.

It is unclear whether the building was guarded and how the suspects managed to get what looks like inside information about the firearms.


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