Preparing for Dangerous Situations Using Common Objects – Part 1


By Sifu Lawrence Hochobeb

You can prepare against different threats by practicing how to quickly reach different objects and how to use those effectively and safely.

However, the first suggestion to prevent confrontation is to avoid places and situations where these might occur.

– Be aware. Awareness is one of the most important things in self-defence. By being aware of your surroundings, many threats on the streets can be avoided.

– If you see or sense problems and threatening situations on your way, change direction or go to the other side of the road and prepare to run or defend yourself. Assess quickly where and from whom you can get assistance in the worst case scenario.

– Never wear conspicuous jewellery when you are walking in the streets especially during dark hours and when you are alone.

– Never accept a ride from strangers however friendly they might be. You never know.

– Limit taking taxis to reasonable daylight hours.
– Never act or look like an easy target.

Using Your Environment

In survival confrontations everything at hand should be used including things that are around you, on or with you.

Wherever you are, everything has the potential to be a weapon. A life-threatening situation is a matter of survival and the person being attacked should aim to win by using anything that comes to hand.

There is only one rule if you are physically attacked. You must survive. You have to do everything you can: scream, scratch, bite (possibility exists that you could be infected with HIV, so use only if there are no other options), hit or kick, attack with a common object, do all that is needed to end the threat or to have enough time to escape.

Objects you can use are everything that surrounds you. Indoors for example: ash trays, chairs, bottles, kitchen utensils, umbrellas, keys, pens, etc can all be used as weapons. Outdoors, for example, one can use sand, stones, sticks, bricks, planks, iron pipes, wires, etc. An attacker can be thrown against sharp pointed gates, railings and walls, etc.

You can even drive with your car over your attacker. Shoes, especially lady’s high heel shoes are also effective weapons to strike with.

– Sifu Lawrence Hochobeb is the Founder and Chief Instructor of Namibia Wing Chun Kung Fu Academy.


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