A Tribute to John Pandeni


The roar of a lion faded away in the early morning hours
The hope of a new dawn was perished
The dark cloud of the new generation echoed in mountain
The warrior has fallen in pouring rain
A committed cadre of format
A military cadre who retaliate in ambush and crossfire
A carrier of Peshas and Bazooka on battlefield across roadblocks
A fearless sacrifizer for a noble goal
A skillful master of negotiations
A skillful master of resolution of conflict resolution
A skillful master of patience and tolerance
A skillful master and harmonizer of tribal differences
A skillful organizer of workers emancipation through workers union
Indeed a tested and seasoned party cadre
Indeed a legend in his own right
An elder brother to the beloved ones
An elder brother of the Namibian youth
An elder brother and advisor of the Namibian nation
Mwalimu in the footsteps of great Mwalimu Julius Neyerere
The hope of a new dawn has perished
Indapo nawa camarada Pandeni
Khib !na sare comrade Pandeni
Go in peace Comrade Pandeni
Mushas grasias companjero

Que su alma descance en paz companjero
May your soul rest in peace

By John Tsudisa// Khamuseb


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