4×4 Desert Rally Beckons


By Fifi Rhodes


Is your 4X4 vehicle powerful, in good condition or are you itching to try your 4-wheeler on rugged terrain? Well, you now have an excellent chance to live your dream.

The Aussenkehr Academy School is inviting adventure seekers to join in the fun in their Mini Eko and explore the Richtersveld during the first weekend of May.

Organiser of the event Estie du Plessis promised a fun-filled weekend certainly not to be missed.

“You can have a picnic with tea and drinks on the banks of the mighty Orange River, while you watch the sunset behind the lush-green grapevines.”

Despite the presence of the Orange River on its flank, Aussenkehr can be a place of hell at times with temperatures easily rising up to 42 degrees Celsius and the organizers are urging would-be fun seekers to take the necessary precautions.

The valley is further surrounded by rocky and rugged mountains that occupy a large portion of this barren piece of land strewn with millions of volcanic rocks.

The Richtersveld Frontier Park was recently opened as a tourist destination and offers non-stop excitement with lots of game, flora and fauna.

For more information contact Estie for bookings at the following telephone numbers: 00 264 63 297 464 or 00 264 63 297 301, fax 00 264 63 297 462/129. Nam cell phone 0026481350 9244

E mail gvp@africaonline.com.na


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