Sorry Ngo! – I Can Take It No More


John Ekongo

If I had an option to migrate elsewhere, it would certainly be Cuba.

The island nation is still one of the few that is easy on your pocket. The cost of living is next to nothing because the state virtually takes care of everything through subsidies.

Groceries, fuel cost, hospital bills and the lot, as long as you and I keep voting for the El Commandante’s party to remain in power. And come to think of it, there is no other party, but I am not complaining. Now that would be an easy deal that is hassle-free.

I wish it could be the same in Namibia. Anyway, I have come to the conclusion that Niilo Taapopi, Saara Kuugongelwa-Amadhila, James Hill, Erkki Nghimtina, Paulinus Shilamba and Taarah Shaanika have something fishy up their sleeves. Ja-nee, I swear that a conspiracy is on the boil here.

Meme Saara, has just about slapped tax on anything that could be taxed, overtime, normal salary, even student tango vouchers (c’mon, give us a break) and even from my trusted companion Windhoek Lager, to almost anything drinkable. Apparently, those are luxuries. When was drinking in Namibia a luxury? We drank almost everyday, it is as routine as taking a shower. It is a basic necessity. And then here I was praising Meme Saara for her surplus budget, mboli she is getting the “kasurplus” from all these taxes.

We are being milked everywhere. The price we pay for living in Namibia, it is a “zula lewe”. Anything that can go up triples in price and we must learn to live with that.

That is why I am seriously convinced that the comrades have a conspiracy going on.

You see, whenever Nghimtina increases fuel prices, then Taarah instructs the supermarkets guys to increase the prices of goods, and so Niilo adjusts his rates and taxes, because Shilamba said electricity is expensive and you need electricity to produce and so forth and so forth.

And then you have the clever geeks from the banks saying, “global price indicators, are that the economy is likely to suffer a huge blow in relation to our spending, capital growth and growing interest rates as a result of global variations in markets abroad. The impact of oil prices, US politics and the prices of gold all play a major fact, therefore we have decided to increase your bank charges by a fraction of 35 percent with out your knowledge”.

After hearing all these nice words, I stupidly always nod my head in agreement, and say ‘Oshiili nawa’ not because I understand, aawe, it is because I have no clue what they are saying. You only begin to understand when you see all the deductions made from your bank statements.

The problem is that a fraction of 35 percent can actually be anything like N$600 a year. Six hundred bucks just to get my own money, it is not fair.
Now remember, Don Williams’ song “Amanda” there is that line he says “I got my first guitar when I was 14, Now I’m crowding 30 and still wearing jeans”.

Now in my case, I got my first bed when I was 14, now I am (almost) crowding 30 and still have no house. Why – goeie vrag? The thought of buying a property is a painstaking one. For six years now, I have tried getting that bed a house but to no avail. Not even one in Greenwell, maybe Okahandja Park, unless the price of land there has also shot up. By the time you eventually get to own a home, you won’t have electricity, by then Shilamba would have adjusted the price. You might end up with a modest, no-frills mansion in Goreangab that is without electricity.

At the end of the day, you will have the following, a modest-furbished ‘kambashu’, no transport, no electricity, community tap for water, black market taxi, no fridge, no cooking oil and mealie-meal (because there is nothing basic about it if a 12.5 kg of Top Score costs N$130).

Strange part is you have a degree and you do go to work everyday for all these.

Indeed, I welcome you to the Land of the Brave. On the other hand, I have my passport ready, my deputy minister’s Che Guevara beret on my head, adios amigos. I am off to Cuba.

Sorry Ngo


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