Church Cleans Up Health Centres


By Reagan Malumo


In an attempt to counteract the spread of malaria in the Caprivi Region, the Seventh Day Adventist Church (SDA) has embarked on a clean up campaign of hospital and clinic premises in the region.

The campaign supplements the Ministry of Health and Social Service’s recent initiatives to fight malaria by spraying all houses and surrounding areas with insecticides to prevent the breeding of female anopheles mosquitoes which transmit malaria.

This follows heavy rains in the Caprivi Region between December and January this year leading to thick grass growing on the premises of most health centres.

Fearing that the thick grass could be turned into mosquito breeding sites that could cause a malaria outbreak, the SDA church offered to clean up the surrounding areas of certain health institutions.

Speaking to the media during a recent clean-up campaign at Mavuluma Clinic, SDA Evangelist Daniel Mushongo said the initiative is part of the church’s role to render voluntary community services. He explained that as Christians, God expects the church to live in a clean environment.

Meanwhile, according to nurses at Mavuluma Clinic, malaria infection is high amongst the elderly compared to children.

They said that this was due to the fact that elderly people are vulnerable to mosquito bites because they roam about at night without covering their bodies. They warned people to always cover themselves and avoid walking around at night as this makes them more susceptible to mosquito bites.

Earlier on the Director of Health and Social Services Michael Likando indicated low cases of malaria in the region so far despite heavy rains received.

He also expressed satisfaction with the spraying of houses that has being going on in the region.


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